How To Publish Reviews On Amazon

I sometimes forget that there are a lot of people who are just getting comfortable with the Internet and all its possibilities. I was reminded of this when a friend emailed me and asked how to publish a review on Amazon.

Today's Lesson

Posting a review on Amazon is really quite simple. Here are the steps.

Locate The Item
On Amazon, find the item you want to review by using the Search function for the specific category. Click on the item when you see it.

Create Your Own Review
Scroll down that book's page until you find those words and click them.

Start Here

On that page, you'll find 3 questions. Are you over 13? How do you rate this item? (Click on the number of stars you wish to give it.) Please enter a title for your review.

Share Your Review
Next you'll be asked to select a review type, either Video or Written. Select one and start creating it.

Tag This Product
Here you'll find 2 boxes that can be checked. The first says: Label this review so customers know you purchased this item at Amazon. The second says: Receive an email when a customer comments on your review.

When you finish creating your review, click preview.

When you reach this point, you can choose Edit or Publish.

That's it!

Takeaway Truth

Be honest, but try to be kind. No one sets out to create a bad product so give the creator the benefit of the doubt.

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