Image Problems With Blogger In Draft

The new Blogger bells and whistles lured me over the weekend. I changed from the old Blogger workhouse posting software to Blogger In Draft. Immediately, I did not like the way you inserted images into posts. Much more cumbersome than the old way.

Still, I went exploring. I checked out their touted template customization. It might be okay if you're using one of the Blogger templates, but I'm not. I still like my custom template so I won't be changing.

When Is An Upgrade Not An Upgrade

I left it in Draft mode and went about the business of writing a few blog posts ahead and scheduling them for the days I knew I'd be bogged down with completing the income tax forms. To my surprise, when I checked the first of those posts, the image illustrating the post was not there. I looked at it in edit. Yep. There it was, but it wouldn't publish.

Thus began a waste of 2 hours trying to make the image publish then trying to change back to the old Blogger Posting ap then going in search of information. I discovered I had lots of company from other disgruntled bloggers with all kinds of image problems. Some of the advice was to publish the image with the old ap then switch back to the new ap.

Who has the time to do all this in order to use the new version? Just use the original which seems superior at this time. (Click settings and scroll down to GLOBAL SETTINGS where you'll find the choices of post editor.)

An upgrade isn't an upgrade if it takes longer to do a required step. It's especially not an upgrade if it screws up something that previously had been working fine. I'll be staying with the original software thank you very much.

Takeaway Truth

Use caution if you try the new Blogger In Draft.


  1. I did one post using the new system, and immediately reverted to the old version. The help forums seemed to agree that there are still a lot of bugs to work out.

  2. Hi, Terry. I think everyone has that opinion.