Events That Cause Rain

You've heard of Murphy's Law? The philosophical cornerstone of Murphy's Law is the underpinning of the law that governs the occurrence of rain. There's no formal name for my theory. Maybe we should call it "Don't Mess With Mother Nature."

According to my observations and experience, we're in for a massive rainstorm in my part of Texas. Here are 6 predictors of rain.

1. Car washing. Just got mine back from the car wash. Actually, I had it in for an oil change, and they give a complimentary car wash.

2. Cleaning up the yard. The guy that spruces up my yard in the spring just finished working, and everything looks wonderful with azaleas and Louisiana iris ready to burst into bloom. What usually stops a full-blown yard of color? Drenching rain which knocks off the delicate blooms.

3. Planting a garden. I transplanted my tomato seedlings into the ground yesterday. What will stop them from producing a bountiful harvest? A heavy rain that washes them out.

4. Planning a HONEY DO list. I "convinced" my husband to clean out the garage this weekend. Enough said.

5. Law of Probability and Chance. The weather has been gorgeous every day this spring break week. Five days in a row? Can't possibly last through the weekend.

And, last, but not least.

6. Delivery by Dump Truck. My neighbor across the street just had a truck dump a load of fine garden mulch into his driveway. I can't count how many times I've seen mulch, sand, soil, or pea gravel floating down the street to the storm drain.

Takeaway Truth

When wanting a sunny weekend, keep in rule these 6 causes of rain. Happy Spring Break!

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