3 Tips To Blogging Popularity

Thursday3Some welcomes you to SlingWords. Today's tips are about increasing the traffic to your blog. This will increase your name recognition on the Internet and in the blogging world.

1. Comments: making and receiving.

Visit other blogs and leave comments. There is a wealth of great blogs out there. Visit around and meet some of these interesting people. When you read something that resonates with you, leave a comment and thank the blogger.

If someone makes a comment on your blog, acknowledge them. When someone comments on your blog, return the favor and visit their blog and explore it. Be sure to leave a comment for them.

2. Links: give and receive.

If someone links to your site, reciprocate and place a link on your site. Collect links and post them in appropriate categories on your websites. Reciprocate and request reciprocation where appropriate.

3. Give: offer website visitors something to make it worth their time to visit your site regularly. Excellent content is a given, but consider offering free stuff that could range from products, books, or downloads of worthwhile files.

Takeaway Truth

Be friendly. Be generous. Be nice. You'll find you enjoy blogging even more than before.