Why I didn't write much x 10

1. Coping with renovation and repairs at two properties.
2. A contractor who took off for Mexico leaving me scrambling
3. Rain storms that slowed the progress of replacing rotten siding and speeded up the process of damage
4. Coping with other people's emotional issues
5. Regressing in my back physical therapy
6. Coping with problems left by deceased relatives
7. A broken water pipe in the foundation of the real estate I call home which has resulted in NO water in said house
8. Updating web site which was way overdue
9. Feeling tired and exhausted from all of the above.
10.Reading very rough draft of WIP and realizing I was going to cut out one of the major secondary characters because she tended to be too prominent which will mean a major rewrite, but I think it will make the book stronger.

So I didn't write as much as I had planned this week, but I did get some pages done each day. Despite the major revision to my story line for Sex, Murder, and Mint Juleps, I think the book will be stronger for it though I'm ready to be finished with it. Now.

Sling Words out to pray for the plumber to show up on time today.

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