Trivial Thursday - author born

Most Americans probably haven't read James Joyce who was born in Dublin, Ireland, 124 years ago today. That's 1882 if you don't want to do the math. Admittedly, his work isn't wat we'd call reader friendly, but that's not surprising given his personality and, yes, genius. I think the G word has to be applied to a man who learns Dano-Norwegian in order to read Ibsen's plays in the original language.

Though he was a brilliant scholar at university, an essay he wrote was rejected by the adviser to the school's literary magazine. He self-published the piece and began a lifelong rebellion against the literary establishment.

After graduation from university, he moved to Paris where he had planned to become a doctor in order to support himself while writing. If you're a writer, it's not surprising that he gave up that idea to devote his time to writing. Writing has a way of taking over your life. (It'll take your soul too if you let it.)

Sling Words salutes James Joyce whose writing is best described as rebellious against society's restrictions and mores. Hand salute!

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