Real music as opposed to fake music

I'll be the first to admit I gripe about what passes for music in today's world. That's why when I find someone who produces REAL music (as opposed to fake music of course), I like to tell others and spread the joy. There are very few new bands that appeal to me, but I do occasionally find a singer. In this case, I discovered Josh Woodward via the blog for Robert Gregory Browne.

Amazingly, Woodward provides his music free and asks you to share it with others. If you can purchase a full album or make a donation, then he's grateful and can keep producing music in hopes of getting "discovered" by the musical powers that be. By the way, the albums are much less than in a store.

Give him a listen. I think you'll like him. He's got an appealing voice, good musicianship, but more importantly, he writes songs that, well, say something.

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