Back from zombie land

It would seem my last blog entry in which I prophesied that I'd get some antibiotics and revert to my usual healthy self was premature. Since I last posted, I have been as sick as, well, sick as a dog to use a common but nonsensical analogy.

The antibiotics did not bounce me back to health like a rubber ball. I've spent most of this past week moaning in my recliner, in between coughing up a lung.

However, I can finally report that I think I'm going to live. So I'll be slinging words here again come Monday.

Until then, let's lift a glass to toast those ballroom champs Drew Lachey and his professional partner Cheryl what's-her-name. Amazing performance - especially loved the dance to Save A Horse; Ride A Cowboy.

Sling Words out (but no longer down for the count).

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