Writers on the Verge

of giving up.

In case you missed it, go read the blog entry Potential by Joe Konrath.

Sometimes it takes a lot of persistence to keep going, but often that is the difference between someone who succeeded and someone who did not. In his analysis of writing and potential, Joe analyzes the talent vs. technique issue as do those who comment on Potential so be sure and read the comments too.

Personally, I've always felt if you could quit writing, then you're probably not meant to be a writer in the first place. That's not a slam. It's a truth because most people who are writers, published or not, can't seem to quit. The thought of not writing is anathma to them.

Of course, I should perhaps make the distinction between writing and writing for publication, but I always look at that issue this way: writing without publication is like acting without applause.

Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure this is a quote I remember from some wiser person than I, but this early in the morning I can't recall who first said it.

Sling Words out to go sling some words on my WIP.

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