Your Focus Determines Your Success: 5 Tips

How's your focus? Do you keep your eyes on the prize and easily tackle your main priorities every morning? Or do you do the easy, nonessential stuff first, working your way up to tackling the big kahuna later in the day?

Everyone is different in how they approach their daily work, but those who are successful, manage to focus on their most important tasks and ignore the piddling stuff that can be done whenever you have some spare time.

If you have trouble getting to your #1 priority #1 task each day, try these....

5 Tips to Improve Focus On Your #1 Priority

1. Settle into your office chair, but don't turn on the computer or take it from sleep mode. Instead, take a note card or piece of paper and write in big, bold, black letters:

MY NUMBER 1 PRIORITY IS __________________.

Fill in that blank with what is most important in your career, life, or day. It could be "FINISH THIS BOOK" or "PLOT THE NEXT BOOK" or "GET MY FINANCIAL BOOKS IN ORDER FOR THE YEAR END." It might even be "GO FOR A WALK."

You know what you're trying to achieve so you know--even if you don't act on it each day--what your #1 priority should be. Write that down.

2. Scotch tape the note card somewhere that you see it every time your eyes rove. Read it out loud. Read it out loud 10 times.

3. Now, turn on the computer and act on what the note card demands.

4. Keep at it for as long as necessary. When you start feeling restless and want to leave, read the note card aloud.

5. When you need a break, set a timer to call your focus back to your #1 priority. Now move to a non-essential task like social media or email or whatever.

Takeaway Truth

The morning hours when your brain is fresh is when your focus needs to be on your #1 priority. Use these simple techniques to focus on your most important task. You'll be amazed at how much more you achieve.

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