7 Websites Like Canva

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See the graphic at left? You can create teasers like this using programs like Canva or some of the other websites listed below.

These websites/apps help you turn ideas into designs, usually incorporating text and images.

You can create blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and just about anything for web or print designs.

Most, like Canva, are free or offer a level that's free. Some offer free memberships for a limited time then you switch to paid. Most of these work with multiple platforms.


Free 30 day trial offered for you to evaluate the ease of making graphic/text designs with PicMonkey.


Easily add retro effects to your photos and create images with the vintage look.


Create and share visual graphics. Their interactive layouts allow you to embed charts, photos, etc., or you can customize a prebuilt template or build it from scratch. Comes with a lot of icons, shapes, and objects that you can drag-and-drop into your editor.

Recite This

Take quotes to the next level by creating images from them. With Recite, enter your quote into the editor on the homepage, choose a layout from the list of templates, and click create.


Another website to create an image from text. Just as easy as Recite This.


Produce stunning photographs and captivating designs with fun, easy-to-use editing tools.


Create visual graphics using templates or from scratch.

Takeaway Truth

Try these free websites/apps to create stunning images. You might find a few you love.

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