Holiday Ornament Designed for Writers

It's Cyber Monday, and I have a selection of Holiday Ornaments designed for writers to offer you from my online CafePress shop, WriteWay.

These are great to decorate your office, your tree, or to give as a gift to writers. The design celebrates the writer's contribution to the world: words.

Snowflake Ornament for Writers - $8.99

These porcelain ornaments come in several shapes as shown below.

If you use the links I've embedded, rather than going to the CafePress Marketplace and doing a search, you'll save quite a bit of money.

Holiday "Without Words" Large Round Ornament - $9.49

Holiday "Without Words" Medium Round Ornament - $8.99

Holiday "Without Words" for Writers Oval Ornament - $9.49

This next porcelain ornament is a cute design that reminds me of a bowtie, but CafePress calls it a picture ornament. It's really cute hanging on the tree or on a garland decorating your office.

Holiday Design for Writers Picture Ornament - $8.99

While you're visiting WriteWay, check out the other products with exclusive designs for writers like the Writer's Journal, $10.99.

If you visit WriteWay, use the links in this post so you can save money. If you go to the CafePress Marketplace and do a search for these items, they'll cost more because CafePress tacks on a rather large charge to each item.

Takeaway Truth

Take advantage of Cyber Monday and get an ornament for your favorite writer--especially if that writer is you!

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