Life Is, Plus a Giveaway

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I'm playing catch-up, and I noticed a couple of things that frustrate and irritate me that keep popping up.

Made me think about what Edna St. Vincent Millay once said.

It is not true that life is one damn thing after another - it is the same damn thing over and over.

Giveaway for Over the Hump Day

How true. Got any of those frustrating life repeats happening for you?

If so, leave a comment with an email address to be entered to win an audiobook edition of Scents and Sensuality. Winner decided by Random Draw on 11/07/15.

Review, Scents and Sensuality

Great fun to read, this novel crackles with delicious sexual tension and humour. Joan Reeves has a flair for snappy dialogue and creating characters that come alive on the page. Vivid descriptions make you feel like you're in the room watching it all unfold. A satisfying romance.

Takeaway Truth

Audiobooks are a great way to "read" when you don't have time. Listen while driving, exercising, or doing housework. Happy Over-the-Hump Day!

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