We Who Are About To Die-t

Thanksgiving is over. We who are about to diet, salute you.

Yes, we have about two weeks to lose the Thanksgiving weight so we can begin putting on the Christmas pounds. After all, there are chocolate-covered cherry cordials, chocolate bourbon bon bons, pecan pralines, cheese logs, corn chips, Rotel Cheese Dip, eggnog, champagne, punch, and much more to consume.

Did you ever stop to think about the word diet? I mean, any word that begins with die pretty much describes how you feel when you start cutting those calories, fats, and carbs. There are days when I would kill for a chocolate bar.

Thankfully, my husband recognizes when I'm ready to commit chocolate-deprivation homicide and throws a Hershey's Miniature in my direction when he comes home from the office rather than berate me for giving in to a food craving.

Why do they call it diet? To quote an anonymous sage, "Its called DIET because all the other 4-letter words were taken."

Takeaway Truth

Yep, I'm dieting. In fact, I live on a diet just to maintain rather than gain. That's the curse of being a good cook and spending too many hours each day sitting on my behind in front of a computer.


  1. Good luck. I'll be doing the same, and I can't even blame Thanksgiving since we don't have it down here in NZ. Have you discovered MyFitnessPal? I have the app downloaded on my iPad, and it's the best thing ever for keeping me honest. You can also use it online if you don't have a gadget to download to.

  2. Shelley Munro ...

    No, I haven't tried MyFitnessPal, but I will now! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Hi Joan, how on earth did you guess what I told myself today? Die-t or else! I was a good girl for breakfast and lunch, and even for dinner, but after dinner I was dying for something chocolate-covered. Good thing we have miniature chocolate-mints--Our DHs must have met-- I had one, honestly just one, and ran out of the kitchen.

  4. Mona Risk...

    I just figured out how to create a perfectly formatted epub file--after working 4 hours today, 4 hours on Friday, and umpteen hours over the past few months.

    Woo hoo! Finally got that Godzilla slain.

    Celebrated with a slice of pannetone and a cup of tea. *sigh*

    Does it help if that's my dinner?

    Probably not. *groan*

  5. LOL, Joan!!
    I exercised *twice* today, but it's still in no way making up for all the calories I ate this weekend... Wish I didn't love so many holiday foods. :)
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Marilyn Brant...

    Thank you for asking. Yes, it was a great time. Hope yours was too.

    I'm on the yogurt/salad & chicken/salad & chicken diet this week. That's breakfast/lunch/dinner.

    Have a wedding to go to next weekend and must fit into my ensemble.

    Plus, making pralines next week. Must be able to eat a couple without packing bags for massive guilt trip.

    Btw, I am looking forward to A SUMMER IN EUROPE. Release day is tomorrow. GOOD LUCK!!

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves