3 Excellent Blogs

Today, I want to highlight 3 excellent blogs to which I subscribe and read regularly. All three have archives of must-reads for writers.

Subscribe by email or feed or follow--however you like to frequent worthwhile blogs. The important thing is to take advantage of the information offered.

Free Kindle Books and Tips

This is one of Michael Gallagher's blogs. This week Michael had his usual daily lists of free Kindle books that are worthy of a reader's attention, but he also had reviews of the new Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch as well as answers to questions about Kindle.

Michael's backlist of blogposts is a treasure trove of information. Be sure and read the post about Amazon Gift Cards and Coinstar.

Peace Love Productions

If you are into using music, this blog is one to which you must subscribe if you seek royalty-free music to use in video trailers or whatever. (Do me a favor and do NOT put music on your website that starts as soon as the site opens. Big mistake. If you want music, put a button so the visitor can choose whether or not to listen.)

Plagiarism Today

Jonathan Bailey is the publisher of this vitally important blog. He was hanging onto the precipice above the slippery slope of copyright erosion years before most writers had an inkling of how bad the problem of internet piracy was going to be.

Takeaway Truth

The knowledge you need is often just a blog away.

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