Texas Byways and Highways

When you travel the farm and county roads of Texas, it's not unusual to see a variety of domestic and wildlife.

We've seen cows, sheep, and goats that have escaped their pastures, horses grazing on the shoulders of the road, dogs, cats, deer, raccoons, armadillos, skunks, coyotes, and even a donkey and a red-tailed fox or two.

However, today, as we drove to our house in the Hill Country, we saw something we've never seen before.

An emu crossing the road.

No kidding. At first glance I thought it was an ostrich, but some checking online showed me the difference between the two.

Takeaway Truth

I'm tempted to say: "Now I've seen it all." Surely as I do, something will appear to make me eat my words.


  1. LOL. I used to raise rheas and emu years ago. Sometimes they escape, but it's been reported some farmers are releasing their livestock when they can't afford feed. Since he was alone, chances are he was just an escapee.

    They are fascinating birds. I miss having them.

  2. Maria Zannini...

    I'm sure he/she/it was an escapee. So odd seeing it meander across the road.

  3. Those birds are escape artists! One got loose in my yard when I was a little girl and we kept it a week before its owner's found it. The worst ever stray foul incident on my road was when a peacock got loose and my neighbors shot it and deep fried it. Not nice.

  4. Olene Quinn...

    Fried peacock! Yep. NOW, I've heard everything.

    My brother has peacocks. They're as good as dogs or geese as watchdogs. The peacock scream though, if you're not used to it, will chill your blood. Sounds like a woman screaming in terror.

    Can't imagine someone eating a peacock.