Giveaway of the Day

Can you think of anything better than free stuff? I can't. That's why I'm spotlighting Giveaway of the Day. Every day of the week they offer, for free, licensed software you’d otherwise have to purchase, and you know how much software costs. They even give away Game Software.


The geniuses behind Giveaway Of The Day looked at how many sites and publishers offer free trial downloads, but they decided to go one step further and offer giveaway downloads. Each day they decide on a software title that will be their Giveaway title that day. The software is then available for download only for 24 hours. Sometimes they extend the offer if the software publisher agrees. Each download is absolutely free for the full, registered, legal version. The download is not a limited time trial or a stripped down version. It's the real McCoy.

What You Get

Like I said, you get the software product in all its full functionality, no limitations except for those specified in the Terms and Conditions. The download link stays on their website for the agreed upon period of time along with the review of the software product as well as information about other products from the software publisher who presents the giveaway title. This information stays active on the site after the Giveaway period is over.

What They Do

They pay the software publisher for the Giveaway license, and you get that only after you've downloaded a special verification program and agreed to the Terms and Conditions. This protects the interests of the software publishers so it's a win/win for the website's clients and the software publishing companies.

How To Participate

Subscribe to the website newsletter or RSS feed or bookmark the site and check it every day. Information about giveaways for the upcoming week is posted on the site, or you get it in the newsletter if you subscribe. When you're on the website, check out the Giveaway Ticker to see what’s hot on the site today.

Takeaway Truth

Quality software for free? Not that's a bargain we can all embrace.

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