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A lot of writers have trouble with plotting, and many consider plotting a novel an incomprehensible mystery.

Here's a book that may help you. Create A Plot Clinic by Holly Lisle. Yes, I'm an Affiliate for Holly. There's a link on the blog you can click to go to her book shop and order a copy. Trust me. The book is worth it.

It will help you create the plot for a novel, short story, or screenplay from beginning to end, even if you don't yet know what you want to write about. Here's the description of the book:

* Want to write fiction but don't know where to start?
* Do you have a stack of 30-page novels that have stalled?
* Are you stuck in the vast morass of your novel's middle?
* Don't know how to figure out your ending?
* Or do you have the whole first draft done, with the sinking feeling that something's wrong with the story, but you don't know what, or where?

Create A Plot Clinic will teach you to:

* How to choose and use your structure
* How to create story ideas from twenty fun, easy tools
* How to organize your plot before you write
* How to adapt it while you write
* How to fix problem plotting as you write the book and even when you're revising it
* How to deal with late, great ideas and your stubborn Muse
* And much more

Every tool includes a description, a demonstration, and an exercise. You may need three or four days to get a brand-new working plot in order if you're just getting started. However, if you've been writing for a while--or if you're determined--you can have enough plot to start writing your book in about a day.

All this for $9.95 plus you get it immediately as a download. You can even try it free first. Seriously, this is one of the really good writing books.

Takeaway Truth

If you want to be a writer, then get the tools you need to teach you the narrative skills.

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