Family Emergency

My daughter is in the hospital. I'm out of reach until further notice.

Thanks for any and all prayers and good wishes.


  1. We're thinking of you in Alvin, Joan.

  2. Hi, Bill. Thank you. I know you've walked a few miles in those fear moccasins. I'm home to shower and change while Larry stays at hospital.

    The blood clot was found in time. DVT in calf above the surgery site. She's been on IV pain meds, and they started injections of blood thinner in the stomach the day she was admitted.

    Last night they added oral med of blood thinner also. If all goes well, they may let her come home tomorrow. We'll continue the injections for a few days in conjunction with the oral med which she'll be on for at least 3 months.

    Scariest week of my life.