Face The World

When our skin is less than perfect, we sometimes wish we could hide behind a mask. It's hard to face the world with acne blemishes or dark spots marring our complexions. Some people call those dark blemishes age spots, but doctors and estheticians refer to them as hyperpigmentation.


Is there anything that can be done when you have areas of the skin that are darker in color than the surrounding skin? You don't have to just live with the hyperpigmentation, a condition caused by a variety of factors from sun damage to acne scars and others. There are skin care products that can help.

Special Formulas

SkinBeautyMall.com, a Better Business Bureau accredited website, offers specially formulated products that lighten the dark spots. Along with using correct products, for instance the Babor White Effect 24-hour lotion for combination skin, you also need to use skin care products that will prevent new damage to your skin. They have excellent cleansers and moisturizers just for skin that has hyperpigmentation. Be sure and select a good sunscreen with a high SPF also. Get one formulated for your skin type.

Focus: Effectiveness

At the SkinBeautyMall website, they have the top anti-aging products on the market, and they focus on the products they think are most effective. You can search for products according to your skin type, or by product purpose, or by product brand. With a discount of 10% off your purchase when you spend more than $50.00 and free domestic shipping, they're hard to beat. You can even ask questions of an Esthetician on staff.

Takeaway Truth

Your skin is your face; make the most of what you have.

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