TV By Candlelight

Quote for the Week

Comedian George Gobel, beloved by my parents' generation as Lonesome George, once said: "If it weren't for electricity we'd all be watching television by candlelight.”

Indeed. Since Friday, our electricity has flipped on and off as quickly as a YoYo goes up and down. Sure we've had stormy weather down here in the Houston area, but the first day it went out for a couple of hours was Friday. Sunny skies. No rumbles at all. Kaput. Off while I was in the middle of research.

The power came back on and then the rain started. Stormed from then until Saturday evening. All in all, Saturday was a miserable day that never really brightened from a weak sunrise. All total, about 10 inches of rain fell.

Tonight as I attempt to view the first episode of the second season of In Plain Sight, I may have to view it by candlelight.

Takeaway Truth

How easily we take our utilities for granted. How bereft we are without them.

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