Get Thee Behind Me, Procrastination

Bet you are wondering what I'm doing this week since I'm again erratically blogging. I hate to confess this, but I'm finishing up the income tax return.

Remember a couple of months ago when I talked about doing my income tax forecast? All I was waiting on were some 1099s? Well, I waited and waited, but they never came. Thank goodness I keep good records and always log every penny of income.

Procrastination Demon

However, while I was waiting, the Demon Procrastination grabbed hold of me. Every time I thought about finalizing the return, it whispered in my ear, "Wait. You can do it any time. Why take time away from writing to do it now?"

Foolishly, I listed to the deceitful voice. So what happens? I end up scrambling for time between some deadlines to get the forms filled out in ink, photocopies made, and booking time in the time dilation field (that's my fond appellation for the local post office) so I can stand in line and mail this sucker certified. Why certified? I take no chances when it comes to tax matters. I want to know without a shadow of a doubt that they have my hard-earned money and the accurate reporting of same.

Takeaway Truth

She who procrastinates today lives to scramble in haste another day.

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