To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Every writer has an image of his or her readers. Since Ulverscroft in the UK recently began publishing part of my romantic comedy back list, I have this image of readers in the UK having a copy of one of those editions - maybe the one shown here - on their bedside table.

I hope, to match my enchanting prose, that they have a super comfortable and stylish bed like the
divan beds offered by Time4Sleep.According to my chiropractor, a good, quality bed is essential for good, quality sleep. Most people keep their mattresses far beyond their usefulness.

If you're not sleeping well at night, maybe you need to evaluate your mattress. Does it still support your body the way it did when new? Perhaps, it's time you shopped for a new bed. If so, you can't beat the selection offered by Time4Sleep. They've got antique beds to wooden beds, divan beds to upholstered beds, and everything between.

I'm like most women. It's simply not enough to have a quality bed. It has to look good also. I quite fancy the divan beds shown on the website. They look like something you'd see in a luxury hotel. Did you know that a divan bed is a patented design? I didn't. I'm re-doing our guest room this year. I think one of the sleek divan beds would be stunning in there. The only problem is that I might have a hard time getting rid of my guests if I do that.

Takeaway Truth

A good bed is an investment in your good health.

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