Time to Part-tay!

I don't know who'll be competing in the Super Bowl this year. I don't even have a favorite team because, frankly, I'm not much of a football fan. (My son Michael thinks this is ridiculous, but he loves me anyway.)

Cooking Rep To Maintain

So when Super Bowl time rolls around, I'm not sending prayers heavenward for my team. I am, however, scouring my cookbooks and my favorite recipe websites in search of something new and distinctive to serve my football fanatic family.

Rather than relying on supermarket dips, cold cuts, and other standards, I search far and wide for unique super bowl party food ideas. I've already selected three new recipes at Celebrations.com that I can't wait to try: Guilt-free Cheesy Dog for my daughter who's health conscious; Butternut Fries for me because they sound good; Fired Up Breadsticks, Truffle-scented White Bean Dip, and Mojito Mayo Dip.

Distinctive Dishes

Everything on the website sounds delicious but these tickled my fancy. I make Sweet Potato Fries so I'm thinking the Butternut Fries will have that same dimension of flavor. And breadsticks just can't be beat, but Fired Up with cayenne and crisp bacon, they sound like real winners. As to the dips, well, the two I picked sound tons better than the standard french onion dip.

If you're hosting a party this year, check out Celebrations.com. They'll give you some great ideas to make your party a success.

Takeaway Truth

Whether you like football or not, celebrate in style because what you're really celebrating is life and friendship.

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