A = Adorable & B = Baby

If A is for Adorable, and B is for Baby, then C must be for Clothing because the three words go together so well. Adorable Baby Clothing is something moms just love to look at which is a good thing because most of us seem to know several women who are expecting bundles of joy this spring. In our circle of extended family and friends, we've got an arrival in March, one in May, and one in late summer which is really too far off to shop for. Yet.

I'm goofing off this afternoon, well, as much as I allow myself to, and shopping online for baby gifts because baby showers are coming soon.

We know the March baby is a little girl who's going to be as special as her delightful mommy. It's easy to believe that this little girl will be made of sugar and spice and everything nice. I've been checking out Baby Girl Clothes because I want something really special and pretty. I think the Candy Babies Newborn Baby Girl Personalized Teddy & Blanket Gift Set will be perfect.

The May arrival is still to be determined. The new baby's sister wants, of course, a girl. While the new baby's brother wants, you guessed it! A boy. Mom and Dad aren't taking sides. I've looked at Baby Boy Clothes and found a cute Guitar Hero Rock N Roll Baby Onesie.

Of course, I may just hedge my bets and go with the Funky Sock Monkey Baby Blanket I posted above. It's funny and cute, and it's Gender Neutral.

Takeaway Truth

Babies are fun from the very beginning, and shopping for babies is a delight.

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