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My goal is to write books that celebrate love, passion, and commitment; books that make you feel good; books that leave you with a smile.

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Stuck on the Naughty List

A Heartwarming Short Story Romance for Christmas!

A year ago, Cassie left Ben, the man she loved, so he could have the life he’d been groomed for since birth. Still longing for him, she returns to Capitola, Texas, her small hometown, for Christmas.

She’s arrested on a trumped-up charge and taken downtown to the police station to be charged, fingerprinted, and photographed. That's where she meets the town's new Chief of Police.

Could he be the perfect man to mend her broken heart?

A Moment in Time is all the heart needs for Love to be revealed. 

LuvU4Ever, Book 1

Can 9 little words destroy a forever love?

Last Chance New Year, Book 2

New Year's Eve is the perfect time to yield to a bit of insanity and proclaim your love!

Cheyenne Smith, better known as C. A. Smith to her co-workers, decides New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to give in to insanity and throw herself at Luke Harper, the man she loves, and hope that he catches her.

Blame It On Chocolate, Book 3

Chloe Elliot was a good girl--until Hunter Cole returned to his hometown.

She’d always lived a life above reproach. Truthfully, it really hadn’t been that difficult. Until Hunter Cole returned. Hunter reckoned he had the best of all possible worlds. Life was perfect. Until he dropped by the library to say hello to his best friend's little sister. She wasn't so little now.

ALL BRIDES ARE BEAUTIFUL (Contemporary Romance Series)

April Fool Bride, Book 1

Is it a marriage of convenience or something--MORE?

Maddie needs a husband by the time she turns 25 in order to claim her full inheritance. She's learned that men only see dollar signs when they look at her so she decides a marriage of convenience is the answer and turns to Jake Becker.

Why would Jake help the woman who changed the course of his life? Simple. Revenge.

Second Chance Bride, Book 2

He was the only man she wanted—and the one man she could never have.

She left town at 18, leaving behind the pain and heartbreak. She reinvented herself as wealthy, successful Constance Quinn, but there was no room for love in her rigidly controlled existence.

On a quest to find the part of herself that got lost in her transformation, she meets Alex Martinez. Something hot and urgent passes between them. Their attraction is mutual. Their desire is palpable.

SAN ANTONE TWO-STEP (Romantic Comedy Series)
Sometimes love is like two steps forward and one step back.

Nobody's Cinderella, Book 1

Darcy should have heeded that old advice: be careful what you wish for!

Darcy is dependable, responsible,  and sensible--just the kind of woman Chase Whittaker wants as head of his accounting division. Not the kind of woman he wants in his bed. Until Darcy's BFF transforms her with a makeover.

Audio Edition narrated by Nicole Colburn and available from Audible.

Cinderella Blue, Book 2

Love means never having to say, "You're under arrest."

These two commitment-phobic cops have nothing in common except their tendency to annoy each other–unless you count the desire sizzling between them. But at a cop shop, a workplace romance can cause you to make careless mistakes that can be hazardous to your health--and your career!

SMALL TOWN TEXAS ROMANCE (Contemporary Romance Series)

Last Christmas, Book 1

A romance about love at first sight, heartbreak, revenge, redemption, and second chances.

Last Christmas Annabelle gave Rick her heart. He stomped on it. This Christmas, Rick's going to pay!

Brianna's Season for Miracles, Book 2

Brianna hated her life. Too much whisky, too much misery, and too much loneliness had resulted in a very public embarrassment. Hating her life and herself, she vowed never to return to her hometown. When her father forces her to come home for the holidays, she’s afraid she’ll revert to old habits to deal with social situations that have always terrified her. Then she meets Daniel Kelly, the kind of men she avoids for fear she might want forever out of a relationship. A man like Daniel would never want forever with her once he knew her secret. What will happen when Brianna realizes Daniel has a secret too?

OUTLAW RIDGE, TEXAS (Romantic Suspense Series)

Heat Lightning, Book 1

Secrets...lies...passion. Secrets can kill. What Tessa doesn't remember just may mean death for her.

Amnesia stole her memories--her life! David, her husband, shows up to claim her, but why does he seem to hate her even as he pulls her into his arms?

Dead Heat, Book 2

In a race for survival, it's a DEAD HEAT for former covert operative Sabrina Snow and Navy SEAL John Galloway.

Sabrina faked her death to escape the world of covert ops, but someone knows she's alive--and he won't stop until she's dead. She runs to the man who has the skills to save her. Will John Galloway help her even though she betrayed him?

TEXAS ONE NIGHT STANDS (Contemporary Romance Series)

The Trouble With Love, Book 1

Hang on to your Stetson as the fun and games begin in this sexy romp that's as hot as a bowl of Texas chili!

Can by-the-book Deputy Susannah Quinn and rule-breaking FBI Special Agent D. E. Hogan avoid falling in love while they catch a thief and recover stolen jewels? The clock is ticking. They have only 7 days—and nights—to complete their assignment and resist the sweet siren call of desire.

Audio Edition narrated by Holly Adams and available at Audible.

Romeo and Judy Anne, Book 2

Romeo has Rules for Romance--Judy Anne makes him break every rule!

With eccentric small town characters, a bratty niece, an overbearing school board president, and the temptation of a secret lover, Judy Anne has all she can do to keep her passion from turning into the biggest scandal little Clayton Bend, Texas, has ever seen.

Audio Edition narrated by Christine Padovan and available at Audible.

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE GIRLY (Contemporary Romance Series)

Old Enough to Know Better, Book 1

A woman with a past--a man who wants to be her future.

Stormy's life has been as turbulent as her name. She doesn't want another man complicating her life. Not even sexy Sean Butler, but Sean has a plan to win Stormy's heart. His plan? Whatever it takes!

Audio Edition narrated by Holly Adams and available at Audible.


Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones

Lots of southern charm, a 10-yr old betrayal, a man and a woman who should have ended up together. Can Jane and Morgan get it right this time?

Review: "If you like Sweet Home Alabama, you'll love JANE (I'm Still Single) JONES!"

The Audio Edition, narrated by Leah Frederick , is available at Audible and iTunes.

The French edition, Jane (Cœur à prendre) Jones, is available, with a different book cover, at Amazon France and at other French booksellers like Kobo France.

Just One Look

Kids play doctor, but these doctors play seduction games.

Review: "I loved this book! If you haven't read JUST ONE LOOK, you're missing out on a great story. It's humorous, sexy to the max, and just plain entertaining."

Available in Audio, narration by Felicia Greenfield, at Audible.

The French edition, Un seul regard, is available, with a different book cover, at Amazon France and other French booksellers like Kobo France.

Scents and Sensuality

Sweet lies, sweet seduction, and hot passion. Is it Love or just Lust?

Audio Edition narrated by Holly Adams and available from Audible.

Currently, ebook available only at Amazon Kindle.

Still the One

Funny, sexy marriage of INCONVENIENCE!

Burke Winslow needed a wife–but he didn't have his ex, in mind for the position!

Review: "Curse the talented Joan Reeves when she keeps you awake all night with her latest comedic romance...romantic comedy at its best."

Available in Audio, narration byRobin Glazer at Audible 

The French edition, Mariés à tout prix, is available, with a different book cover of course, from Amazon France and from other French booksellers like Kobo France.