Simple Truth About Being the Best

Every now and then it's good to remind ourselves of a simple truth. It all has to do with "being the best."

I once read a simple truth that's good advice to live by.

If you cannot be the best, then be your best.

When I first read that, it hit me with the force of a two by four between the eyes because I, like too many people, had been told all my life: Be the best. Be the best. Be the best.

Think about that. Isn't striving to be the best a no-win game?

We all spend so much time agonizing over trying to be #1 or the best writer, accountant, artist, mother, or—fill in the blank with what you're trying to be.

Inevitably we feel dejected or discouraged because someone else is the best, or better than we are. Often  that leads to rationalizing why they're better.

They get lucky breaks. They make better money. Or you obsess about catching up with someone who started out at the same time as you and now has a high-flying career while you’re stuck in the rank and file.

Unfortunately, too many of us spend vast amounts of time trying to be the next Bill Gates or Stephen King or Martha Stewart or whatever the flavor of the week is. Wouldn’t all that energy and time be better spent in trying to be the best you? 

You with your voice, your style, your personality, your skills, your experiences are indeed an original. No one can be YOU better than you. 

Takeaway Truth

Forget about being the best. Be your best.

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