Shots Fired at Oakley Ranch by James Moushon

I'm happy to tell you that James Moushon has started a new mystery series.

You've probably read some of the Jonathon Stone Mystery Short Stories James has published. There are 18 of those stories, and they're all on Kindle Unlimited or 99¢ each to purchase.

The new series is Oakley Ranch Cozy Mystery Short Stories.

Shots Fired at Oakley Ranch is the first story in this new mystery series, and I think it's one that's going to hit a huge demographic.

Welcome to Oakley Ranch: An Active Adult Community just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

A quiet day is interrupted with gun shots fired at four golfers standing on a tee in the middle of the park.

Detective Herb Rush and his assistant Officer Rizzo are assigned the incident. After interviewing the golfers, Rush finds two unknowing witnesses.

Sarah Sandberg and her neighbor, Mary, become key contributors to Rush.

Turn of Events: Two days later, one of the golfers is murdered right in the middle of the park and Detective Rush is back, now to investigate a murder.

Sarah, her dog Jethro. and Mary go in a different direction to help the Detective. It’s Friday Night Social time at Oakley Ranch. If you want to hear the latest, this is the place.

As Detective Rush zeros in on the prime suspect, Sarah and Jethro uncover a completely unexpected alternative.

Sometimes the best protection is not enough.

Read more about James and his mysteries at HBS Author Spotlight.

Takeaway Truth

Get Shots Fired at Oakley Ranch and watch for another FREE Jonathon Stone Short Story coming soon.

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