Free Spy Mystery by James Moushon

Many authors will be giving away free ebooks so readers will have lots of holiday entertainment if they want to stay indoors where it's cool on the 4th of July.

My friend James Moushon , an Author Advocate, Blog Industry Blogger, and Mystery Author, is giving away free Amazon copies of a spy mystery.

James's gift to readers is Operation Key Witness, A Jonathon Stone Mystery Short Story, free from now until July 1, 2022.

About Operation Key Witness by James Moushon

Stone is a CIA agent who works domestically. He's assigned to the CLASSIFIED CIA DOT Division. His ops involve terrorism and espionage.

In Operation Key WitnessStone and Chuck Chun are assigned to escort a witness from the Philippines to Los Angeles to testify against her terrorist husband.

After an air marshal is killed in flight, Jonathon and Chuck go on high alert.

The CIA team discover there is a professional hit contract on the witness, and it is non-exclusive. The twists and turns of the op leads the two into the Islamic World of terror.

Takeaway Truth

Grab your free copy today for some reading fun on the 4th.

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