Decisions, Delays, Dilemmas

Whee! We finally have our house up for sale.

Once we decided to move to our house in the country, we started cleaning out the clutter.

Then CoVid hit. We came to a screeching halt.

We endlessly discussed whether we actually wanted to do that. Home here felt safe.

We decided to finish projects we'd wanted to do, and then revisit the decision.

After CoVid, it was one thing after another. Nothing to do with the house—just life crap in general. Then came the holidays and a month full of January birthdays.

When February rolled in, we decided that, yes, we wanted to move to the country. So we started packing some of our stuff and moving it to the house in the country. Then the worst winter storm that ever hit Texas came calling.

We were lucky and had no damage unlike so many others in Texas and other states.

After the big freeze, we decided to take action on our decision—which took another 2 months due to my crazy deadline schedule this year. When I finished my April book, we called a realtor and listed the house on April 30.

Photography was done yesterday including aerial photos by drone. Really cool. Today, Thursday, it's late afternoon here, and the real estate listing just went live online.

Tomorrow private showings begin and last through Sunday. We are to stay away during this process. I'm still working on a manuscript which makes staying away really difficult.

Takeaway Truth

Wish me luck in finalizing my manuscript and in selling our house!

P.S. Then I'm taking a vacation.

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