Deceptively Yours Publishes Today!

Hurray! My new book published today.

Deceptively Yours is full of passion, danger, desire, and sizzling hot romance. Whoa! This book is loaded with all of that.

I loved these characters! I hope you do too. Declan is definitely the kind of guy a woman needs in her life.

Tatiana has loved him since the day they first met. 

All these two need? A second chance, but Tatiana won't give Declan that.

Why not when she loves him so deeply?

It's a long story. Literally. But it's one you'll like—hopefully love!!!

Deceptively Yours, a steamy Romantic Suspense, is at a special New Release price of only 99¢. Just 99 pennies for a heart throbbing page turner.

Takeaway Truth

Get your copy Deceptively Yours today! It's live now!

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