Time, the Precious Commodity

Too often, I find myself saying, "When I find the time, I'll do____________"

I hate saying that because I realize no one finds time. You make the time. 

When I start saying "When I find the time," what I'm really saying is "I've over-committed and don't have the time to do it all."


Starting today, I'm forced to prioritize. This year, writing new books is my number 1 priority. Writing. Writing. Writing.

So I'm going to start each day with that instead of fitting it in after I've finished all of the other stuff that are responsibilities small and large. If I don't get to the other stuff, then that means it's not nearly as important as my writing.

I say this because I have forgotten how to say no to others, and I must relearn that skill if I'm to achieve my most important goal this year.

Takeaway Truth

Everyone is allotted the same number of hours in a day. Those who achieve their stated important goals do so by using their time working toward their goals.


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  2. Thank you for visiting SlingWords and leaving a comment. Good luck with your poetry blog.