Love Has No Age Limits

Politicians, riches, and fame may come and go, but love—sustained by commitment, dedication, and, yes, work—lasts forever.

If you've ever sat vigil while someone is dying, you know intimately that at the end, love is the only thing on your mind.

That need for connection, for love, is what fuels the growing readership of romance novels. Either consciously or unconsciously, readers identify with that truth.

Gift of Indie Self-Publishing

The focus for traditional publishing of romance was a love story with a heroine in her twenties and a hero who was a few years older.

Writers who wanted to write about more mature lovers were hamstrung by editors who told them readers didn't want to imagine "old" people (meaning middle-aged people) in love and having sex.

I'm pleased to say that one of the benefits of self-publishing ebooks is that an author has the ability to write any kind of heroine and hero she wants. Is it any wonder so many authors have embraced indie self-publishing?

Forever Young

People age, but real love doesn't. It's forever young just as a person's mental image is locked at a certain age. You may look in the mirror and see wrinkles and gray hair, but the image of you inside your brain is a younger you, and that will always be true.

Ever walk down the street and catch your reflection in a store window? Did it startle you? Did you have the thought, “My God, I look just like my mother!” What you see in that reflection doesn't match the self-image embedded in your brain.

Shaking It Up

I like to write all types of characters. 

In many of my books, like The Trouble with Love, I have 3 love stories going on with 3 different generations.

I always write about two people who find each other in life. 

Regardless of their age, there will be romance, passion, and sex.

In the end, there will be love and commitment.

Grandparent Lovers?

Yes, in Still The One, the main love story was Burke and Ally. 

The secondary love story is between Burke’s grandfather and Ally’s grandmother.

They're the scheming matchmakers determined to get Burke and Ally back together. 

Guess what these seventy-something lovers have a sex life! Oh, horrors. What’s the world coming to?

There's no age limits on falling in love. Nor is there a consequence of age difference. In today's world, no one bats an eye at an older woman-younger man relationship. Older men and younger women were always accepted, and it's about time the reverse is true too.

In Old Enough to Know Better, Stormy is an older woman, and her soul mate just happens to be a younger man, Sean Butler. 

Sean has all he can do to woo Stormy who obstinately refuses to become involved with him—even though she’s half in love with him anyway.

So if you’re older than 30—or 40, 50, 60, or beyond—don’t despair.

The road of life is long and offers love and romance—and, yes, sex too—every step of the way.

Love is amazing, intense, breathtaking, and wonderful. That's true when you're young, and also true when you're old. 

Sometimes, when you’re older, those feelings are magnified. Mary Roberts Rinehart wrote in The Man in Lower Ten: “Love is like the measles. The older you get, the worse the attack.”

Takeaway Truth

No matter your age, I wish you the kind of love I write about: deep, passionate, committed love. The  Forever kind.

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