Saturday Share: Thoughts About The Struggle

Today I want to share some thoughts about the Value of The Struggle.

If one wishes to achieve something special, something out of the ordinary, then there’s usually a fair amount of work and struggle involved. 

Even though we don't like adversity, when we meet it head-on, there's value in that and a lot to be learned from what happens.

One of the things to learn is that your self-identity is not the same as what you’re trying to achieve. 

As a writer, I had to learn to separate my self-identity from my writing. Reviews can destroy a writer if she doesn't learn to do that. 

Like all writers, I learned that lesson by getting published and getting reviewed. Journalistic reviews were rarely as vicious as online reviewers from anonymous people. You quickly learn to take everything with a grain of salt and move on down the road to success. 

A writer must learn that he or she is not his/her writing. If your writing gets rejected, that does not mean that you have been rejected, but a lot of people think it’s one and the same.

If you're an artist and want to get an exhibition of your work, you'll probably get turned down more often than invited. Once your work is out there, you'll get reviewed.

The same is true of virtually anything you want to achieve that's out of the ordinary. 

You'll have to learn that bad reviews or critical assessments of anything you're trying to do—whether it's organizing a community garden, starting a litter patrol to clean up a park, painting a picture, designing a logo, setting up your own business, or writing a book—will come your way.

The value of the struggle is that it makes you stronger. 

Struggle or adversity asks the question, "Do you really want this?" And it asks that question repeatedly every single time something keeps you from achieving what you want. How you answer that question determines your fate.

Separate Your Ego from Your Work

You can't learn if you're constantly nursing a wounded ego. Learning that you are not your writing, your art, your civic project, or whatever, is necessary in order to survive and thrive.

If you cave at the first sign of criticism, then you need to do some soul-searching to see if what you're trying to attain is really what you want—and you must want it with every ounce of your being.

Rejection and criticism are huge parts of living and working. If you decide you really, really want your goal, then go for it. Go all out with a passion that will drive you to the finish line.

Takeaway Truth

Just as you’ll never learn to swim unless you jump into the water, you’ll never achieve something awesome until you give it your all.

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  1. Not taking a bad review personally is difficult to learn, but necessary. No writer can please everyone.