YouTube: Hidden Killers of Victorian Homes

Want to watch couple of fascinating videos?

Try Hidden Killers of Victorian Homes on YouTube. 

This video is 5 years old, but I just stumbled upon it yesterday. The documentary details how the enlightened Victorians killed themselves and their children with all the new discoveries from richly colored wall paper (arsenic) to corsets to make all women have hour-glass figures (internal organ damage and respiratory disease).

Those are just a couple of the so-called advances that led to illness and death. It's horrifying to think of all the people who died because they lacked the common knowledge about elements touted as beneficial for people and/or desirable for homes.

New Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home

A second video was made 2 years ago with more hidden killers! In fact, there are several documentaries posted on YouTube that detail Victorian life. Each, from the video on food adulteration to how pharmacists made condoms from sheep intestines, is correct and historically accurate—and many were rather gross. 

Takeaway Truth

If you're a history buff or a reader or writer of Victorian romance novels, this will give you a different perspective on that era. If a writer, these documentaries will certainly spark your imagination.

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