Review: DOE

Today, it rained—a lot—courtesy of Tropical Storm Beta. Since we'd planned to work in the yard this week, the weather derailed our plans. We ended up watching movies instead. 

One we watched which was worth the time was Doe, directed by Justin Foja.

Timothy Davis starred as the man who awakes with no memory of anything. Complete global amnesia.

Eight years later, the man with no memory has married, fathered a child, and built a great life as a professor of languages since he has an uncanny ability to be fluent in 37 languages.

Tatyana Ali stars as his wife who redeemed him with her love, and Mathew St. Patrick as his best friend who tries to help him put together the pieces of a mysterious, fragmented life.

After finding a clue about his former self, Doe—now called John—races against time and a predestined Fate to discover the truth about his identity.

My Thoughts

The movie was suspenseful and gripping as it presented the compulsion John felt to know his  true identity. The acting was superb, and the story had the immediacy of an action flick and the poignant emotions of a character piece.

Takeaway Truth

Put DOE, now on Prime Video, on your watchlist. It's definitely worth it.

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