Free & 99¢ Bargains for Labor Day

I hope everyone is having some fun this Labor Day Weekend.

To add to the fun, I have a free ebook to offer, a 99¢ sale on another ebook, and some 99¢ box sets. 


Her husband found her, claimed her, rescued her. David’s touch makes Tessa throb. Desire flashes between them like heat lightning on a summer night. 

Her body knows David, but when she looks at him, he is a stranger to her. Not a flicker of memory is left of him or their life together since she awakened from a coma.

Amnesia has left her with nothing but questions. Who is she? Why does David seem to hate her even as he pulls her into his arms? What is he hiding? How can she trust him when her gut says, Trust no one?

As her love for David grows, so does her feeling of foreboding--as if something awful is watching and waiting. 

HEAT LIGHTNING is FREE until midnight Sept. 8, PDT.

SECOND CHANCE BRIDE only 99¢ Labor Day Sale

He was the only man she wanted—and the one man she could never have.

Alex if off-limits, but she can't stay away from him. 

What will happen if he learns her secret? 

Grab your bargain copy of SECOND CHANCE BRIDE before it goes back to $3.99, the regular price, on Sept. 9.


What better way to celebrate Labor Day, the end of summer, with a box set of 14 amazing romance short stories?

Only 99¢ gets you this exclusive Limited Time collection, created especially for this box set by NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors, Amazon bestselling authors, and award-winning authors.

LAST CHANCE BEACH, the island paradise where Dreams go to live again, and Wishes may come true.

There's still time to find love, new romances, second chances, hot alpha males, heartwarming heroes, love at first sight, and romantic delight—still time left for enemies to become lovers and opposites to attract. 

Some stories are sweet: some are sizzling! Some are humorous; some are serious. All will make you want to book a vacation to this island of legend and love—where soul mates find each other and love at first sight happens all the time!

Get LAST CHANCE BEACH: Summer's End today.


This is a Companion Book to LAST CHANCE BEACH: Summer's End

Browse through the cocktail recipes, read what each author said about her special recipe, and read an excerpt from her story in the Romance Collection.

Fun photographs, great cocktails—just what you want on the beach—and a story excerpt too. All free. 

Mix up a batch of cocktails for the holiday weekend and enjoy reading deeply romantic, sexy romance novels!

Takeaway Truth

Wishing you a great Labor Day celebration with some time to read and relax.

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