BookBrush Adds More Features

Of all the websites to which I subscribe, there are only a couple that I consider crucial to marketing success.

One of these is BookBrush, the most user-friendly graphics website for authors that I've ever found.

BookBrush, which began life in 2018 as Covers Sell Books, has made one enhancement after another. So you can see some of the graphics you can create with the web-based design features, I'm illustrating this post with some I've made using BookBrush.

I blogged about BookBrush when I was first introduced to their author services.

I blogged again when they changed their name to BookBrush and added an image upload feature that allows users to add multiple book covers rather than upload each time you visit the site.

Since my last post, they've added some amazing tools for authors like new templates, Instant Mockups, Community Templates, and Video Creator.

All of this makes the website perfect for anyone who wants DIY graphics for marketing but also wants those graphics to look as if a professional graphic artist created them.

Subscription Levels

Limited Plan is Free, with no credit card required. If you just need a couple of graphic images a month, this plan is perfect for you.

If you make a lot of graphic images every month, this plan gives you the opportunity to try out BookBrush without having to use a credit card.

Trust me. Once you've made the 3 free images and can see all the features, you'll want the Plus Plan.

Fortunately, the Plus Plan is very affordable.

Cell Phone Template
What you get with Limited Plan:
  • Create 3 Images a month
  • Limited 3D templates, stamps, & fonts
  • Over 1 Million Background Images or Upload Your Own
  • Instant Mockups - Limited use
Plus Plan

This is probably the plan you'll want after trying BookBrush.

What you get with the Plus Plan:
  • Create Unlimited Images
  • Access to all 3D templates, stamps, & fonts
  • Upload your own custom fonts for better branding
  • Access to over 1 Million Background Images
  • Ability to Upload Your Own Background Images
  • 5 free Video Creator credits per month
  • Priority support
  • $8 per month paid annually ($96.00)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
FREE ebook from midnight Aug. 30, PDT, to midnight, Aug. 31, PDT.
One of their recent enhancements is Instant Mockups.

These are artistic graphic collages where you just select the one you want and then select your book cover and click convert.

BookBrush automatically sizes your cover and places it on the graphic background.

This Add On to the Plus Plan is truly amazing. Access to Instant Mockups for Unlimited Use can be yours for an additional $20.00/year.

If you're a Publisher, you might be interested in their Professional Plan. Just contact BookBrush for more information about that plan.

LuvU4Ever free at most Kindle shops
With so many templates—cell phone, iPad, hand holding book, 3D print book, etc.—you can create stunning images like the ones I've used in this post.

Takeaway Truth

BookBrush is one website that is easy to use, gives professional looking results, and will make you believe it's worth every penny.

Register on BookBrush for free and try it today.

By the way, LuvU4Ever, shown at left in the Instant Mockup is free at most ebook retailers.

Also free is Second Chance Bride on August 30 and 31—perfect for Labor Day Holiday reading.

(Remember, with free and sale books, always make sure the price shows as zero before you check out.)

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