Review: Ear Bud Adapters

I bought a pack of these Ear Bud Adapters on Amazon Prime Day.

Thanks to these adapters, for the first time I can use ear buds in comfort and without constantly having to put them back in or adjust them.

They're such a great little invention and only $4.99 for a package of 4 pairs so I thought I'd write a review and tell everyone about them.

The actual title of this product is Ear Gel for iPhone Earpods, Ear Buds Tips, 4 Pair Anti-Slip Soft Silicone Replacement Earbud Tips for Earphone of iPhone 7/SE/6S/6S Plus/ 5S/ 5/ 5C (Black/White/Blue/Orange).

That's quite a mouthful for such a tiny device. The package has blue, white, orange, and black ear bud adapters.

How Do You Wear These?

They look like bunny rabbit profiles, don't they?

The round part covers the ear bud, of course. The curving part that looks like bunny ears fits snugly into the ear below the top of the ear. See this image I made. The curved part fits right in there between the arrows.

I guess I have small ears or something because ear buds never stayed in my ears until my daughter gave me a pair of these earbud tips.

Problem solved. The curved piece always keeps the ear buds in place—even the weight of the little on/off microphone on my ear bud cord won't pull it out even when I'm jogging.

So I bought this package of 4 so I could keep a pair in my purse, a pair in my laptop, a pair in my office, and a pair to spare just in case.

For me, ear buds aren't for entertainment. I use them and listen to classical music when I'm writing and need to block out room noise.

I listen to audio books (reference and/or research books) which no one else in the room wants to listen to so I can do it without annoying others.

Takeaway Truth

If you've had a problem wearing earbuds, try these cleverly designed Ear Bud Adapters. You'll love them.

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