5 Tips: Great Blog Post Titles

How do you craft great blog post titles? Something that is compelling and incites interest?

Since I've been successfully blogging since 2005—OMG, that's 14 years of blogging!—I have a few tips for you.

1. Keep It Short, Sweetheart.

Yep, another KISS rule.

Many beginning bloggers write incredibly long titles. The problem is that your title becomes part of the URL. When your title is long, it ends up truncated in the URL.

Sure, you can create a custom permalink, but many of you don't know how to do that. Also, that takes some extra time.

2. Make it descriptive but compact.

Put some thought into making your short title also be a predictor of the content so your URL in itself can tell someone what the post is about.

3. Avoid URLs that are random letters and numbers.

People tend to distrust URLs that look like weird. They won't click them. That means your wonderful blog post won't get any traffic.

4. Use a Keyword in the title.

If at all possible, use a keyword in the title. Always think about the keywords someone would use to find your blog post. Brainstorm a short list.

Here's a bonus tip.

5. Use the same keyword in the first paragraph of your post.

Search engine spiders crawl websites from the URL to the text to the links in the post.

Utilizing these 5 tips will make it easy for those bots to crawl your site and give you good search traffic.

Takeaway Truth

In blogging or any internet writing, basic SEO, Search Engine Optimization, will increase the traffic to your content.

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