Easy Last Minute Gifts

Christmas is the day after tomorrow!

If you haven't finished your shopping--or you're stumped about what to give someone--check out these Easy Last Minute Gifts.

Books make great gifts, and the recipient doesn't need a dedicated ereader to enjoy these books.

Ebooks can be read on just about any device: cell phones, laptops, tablets, computers, and, of course, Kindles and other ereaders. Just download the free app--you'll see that link on every Amazon book page--and get started reading.

You can give an ebook as a gift, even if you don't know the email address they use with Amazon. Let me tell you how easy it is. So get a cup of hot chocolate or a lovely glass of wine and let me help you with your shopping for gifts or stocking stuffers.

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Easy To Give Ebooks As Gift from Amazon

To give a free ebook, copy the link and send it to your friend or just click to get it for yourself.

To purchase any of these 99cent ebooks as gifts, all you need to do is click the embedded link for the book that takes you to the book page. Click to GIVE AS A GIFT and fill in the form as shown to the left.

If you do not know your recipient's address, just follow the directions on the diagram at the left. Basically, you just click to buy (arrows on diagram show where) and a gift email will be sent to you. Then you can forward it to the recipient at any email or give it in person. They can then go to Amazon and claim their gift.

Or click to buy it for yourself--you know you want these books!! Besides, shouldn't you get a reward for all the Christmas shopping you've done on behalf of your family?

Enjoy browsing these books put on sale just for you. Call, text, or email your friends and family so they can take advantage of these bargains too. These books will be on sale for several days, but always check the book's page to make sure the price is what you expect it to be.

Happy Holidays and Let the Shopping Begin

#1 Keri's Christmas Wish by Pamela S Thibodeaux
Inspirational with an Edge!

Can Keri get past her angst over Christ’s birth and enjoy the Christmas season?

Keri's Christmas Wish is 99cents until Jan. 3, 2017.

Visit Pamela S Thibodeaux at her Amazon Author Page.

#2 Before She Became a Lady by Wareeze Woodson.

Laurel finds she must protect her child, her wounded husband, plus her household against her sister-in-law, shadowy intruders, and terrifying events.

Before She Became a Lady is $2.99.

Visit Wareeze Woodson at her Website.

#3 Winter Bride by Caroline Clemmons.
Writing love that lasts.

Kendra must protect her niece and nephew from their evil father.

Winter Bride is $3.99.

Visit Caroline Clemmons at her Amazon Author Page.

#4 Captured by Christmas, A Christmas Anthology, by Lynn Crandall and Lainee Cole.

However it finds you—under a Christmas tree or drifted in snow in a backwoods cabin—the spirit of the season will wrap you in love.

Captured by Christmas is $2.99.

Visit Lynn Crandall at her Amazon Author Page.

Visit Lainee Cole at her Author Facebook Page.

#5 Hijacked by Leslie Lynch.
Out of Darkness, Into Hope: Novels of Suspense and Healing

An undercover DEA agent on the run and a young woman pilot with too many secrets…

Hijacked is $3.99 through 12/31/2016.

Visit Leslie Lynch at her Website.

#6 Let It Snow by Stephanie Queen.

A stranger and a snow storm on Christmas Eve create the ultimate test for Dane & Shana.

Let It Snow is 99cents until January 15th.

Visit Stephanie Queen at her Website.

#7 Not-So-Blue Christmas (Christmas Collection, Book 1)
by Bonnie Edwards.
Earthy, Irreverent...Lovestruck

Can one small mutt bring love’s Christmas miracle?

Not-So-Blue Christmas is 99cents.

Visit Bonnie Edwards at her Website.

#8 In the Garden of Disgrace, The Garden Series, Book 3 by Cynthia Wicklund
Regency, Historical, Gothic, and Urban Fantasy...All Framed by Romance

When a duel takes a deadly turn, Lady Jillian Fitzgerald becomes an unwilling passenger in the fleeing carriage of the infamous "Lord Wicked." One night of bad judgment, and her life is changed forever.

In the Garden of Disgrace, The Garden Series, Book 3 is $2.99.

Visit Cynthia Wicklund at her Amazon Author Page.

#9 Lone Wolf by Sara Driscoll

FBI Special Agent Meg Jennings and Hawk, her loyal search-and-rescue Labrador, must race against time as they zero in on one of the deadliest killers in the country.

Lone Wolf is $2.99 until January 1, 2017.

Visit Sara Driscoll at her Website.

#10 Yuletide Slaying by Paty Jager

When Shandra Higheagle’s dog brings her a dead body in a sleigh full of presents, her world is turned upside down.

Yuletide Slaying is $3.99.

Visit Paty Jager at her Website.

#11 Storm’s Interlude, A Rosefire, Texas Romance by Vonnie Davis.

Sometimes a man’s dreams do come true.

Storm’s Interlude is $2.99.

Visit Vonnie Davis at her Amazon Author Page.

#12 Murder At Morland Manor by Marilyn Clay
Solving English Regency crime one murder at a time!

Can this lady’s maid avoid the hangman’s noose?

Murder At Morland Manor is $4.99.

Visit Marilyn Clay at her Amazon Author Page.

#13 A Soldier’s Italian Christmas by Jina Bacarr (I Heart Indie Winner Novella)
Once Upon a Story...

Christmas Eve, Italy 1943: An American soldier and a nun dare to fall in love.
(Click to Watch Video of A Soldier’s Italian Christmas.)

A Soldier’s Italian Christmas is 99cents.

Visit Jina Bacarr at her Once Upon a Story Blog.

#14 Friday Is Cake Day by Joan Reeves
Joan Writes Nonfiction to Share Life Lessons and Knowledge

Just in time for the holidays: a Collection of 52 Cake Recipes and more than a dozen basic and specialty Frosting Recipes from 3 generations of home bakers.

Friday Is Cake Day is $2.99.

Visit Joan at her blog SlingWords.

#15 Find Me a Home by Mimi Barbour
An author who truly gets her characters.

Can a crabby puppy save a runaway boy and perform cupid's magic this Christmas season?

Find Me a Home (Book #3 in the Holiday Heartwarmers Series) is 99cents.

Visit Mimi Barbour at her Amazon Author Page.

#16 Stone Cold Blooded, A Rock Shop Mystery by Catherine Dilts

When rock shop owner Morgan Iverson’s reclusive neighbor is blown to bits, a mystery surrounding a valuable triceratops brow horn may hold the key to his violent demise.

Stone Cold Blooded is $2.99.

Visit Catherine Dilts at her Website.

#17 Her Christmas Secret by Alicia Street
Sweet or Spicy it's all about Love

Desperate to help her sister’s family, Lila courts a cold-hearted investor for her handmade toys, but learns Christmas has a way of bringing surprises where they’re least expected.

Her Christmas Secret is 99cents. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NBG88C1/

Visit Alicia Street at her Amazon Author Page.

#18 His Christmas Promise by Alicia Street

Sweet or Spicy it's all about Love

A stray dog brings two people together at Christmas.

His Christmas Promise is 99cents.

Visit Alicia Street at her Amazon Author Page.

#19 Nobody's Cinderella by Joan Reeves
Bringing Sexy Back...One Book at a Time

This Cinderella makes a wish on a Christmas star. Uh oh! She should have been careful what she wished for.

Nobody's Cinderella is $3.99.

Visit Joan Reeves at her Amazon Author Page.

#20 My Scarlet Woman by Shelley Munro
Adventure into Romance

The idea is to introduce the single Middlemarch felines to young marriageable women, but when have plans ever gone smoothly...

My Scarlet Woman is 99cents until January 31, 2017.

Visit Shelley Munro at her Website.

#21 Season, Unforgettable by Keta Diablo
Breathless Romance. Endless Love.

Everyone wrote her off as dead. Not hardly. (New Adult suspense).

Season, Unforgettable is $1.99 until the end of January 2017.

Visit Keta Diablo at her Website.

#22 Mischief & Mayhem by Loretta Wheeler
Stories told in a Southern Accent

There are all types of love: dark, sweet, short-lived, and some take you to the edge of your seat and let you dangle there awhile. Those are memorable, capable of haunting you forever... or at least through nine lives.

Mischief & Mayhem is 99cents.

Visit Loretta Wheeler at her Amazon Author Page.

#23 Sense of Touch, Music Box Series, Book 1 by Susan R. Hughes

In the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion of 1917, Amy, who has lost her parents and her home, and Sean, who has lost his sight, struggle against great odds to trust the love they've found in each other's arms.

Sense of Touch, Music Box Series, Book 1 is $2.99.

Visit Susan R. Hughes at her Amazon Author Page.

#24 Last Christmas by Joan Reeves
Bringing Sexy Back...One Book at a Time

Last Christmas, Annabelle gave Rick her heart. He stomped on it. This Christmas, Rick's going to pay!

Last Christmas is 99cents, the new release price, until January 9, 2017.

Visit Joan Reeves at her Amazon Author Page.

#25 The Christmas List by Shirley Hailstock
Read Shirley Hailstock...She'll take you on an adventure!

A freak accident changed the course of tennis player Allie Underwood’s life, can architect Peter Barrett put it back together?

The Christmas List is $2.99 until December 31, 2016.

Visit Shirley Hailstock at her Newsletter Sign Up Page. -

#26 A Christmas Bowser by Kayce Lassiter
Cowgirl Fiction With a Magical Twist.

A fairy godmother on a Harley, a fairy godfather in a pink Santa suit, and the most destructive puppy on the planet bury Harper and Kolton under a tsunami of Christmas chaos!

A Christmas Bowser is 99cents until January 1, 2017.

Visit Kayce Lassiter at her Amazon Author Page.

#27 Watchmaker's Heart by Juli D. Revezzo
The Enchanted Word

Can Phoebe's shocking invention stir up love?

Watchmaker's Heart is $1.99.

Visit Juli D. Revezzo at her Website.

#28 The Haunting of Hotel LaBelle by Sharon Buchbinder
Who let the Jinni out of the bottle?

The past meets the present when a cursed turn-of-the-century man meets a feisty modern day woman.

The Haunting of Hotel LaBelle is $3.99.

Visit Sharon Buchbinder at her Website.

#29 Smart Cookie by Libby Malin
Author of Fire Me, a romantic comedy optioned for film...

Laughs, chaos, and romance are baked in the cake when Sonja Garrett's bakery is featured on a food channel restaurant renovation show!

Smart Cookie is $2.99.

Visit Libby Malin at her Website.

#30 Casablanca: Appointment at Dawn
by Linda Bennett Pennell

Will seven days be enough to save the First Allied Conference and the woman he loves?

Casablanca: Appointment at Dawn is $4.99.

Visit Bennett Pennell at her Website.

#31 An Elfy on the Loose by Barb Caffrey

When young Bruno the Elfy meets Sarah the human girl, they find romance and must save Bruno's mentor from the clutches of a Dark Elf.

An Elfy on the Loose is 99cents.

Visit Barb Caffrey at Barb Caffrey's Elfyverse.

#32 A Little Elfy in Big Trouble by Barb Caffrey

Bruno and Sarah fall further in love and gather allies to save Northern California from a Dark Elf.

A Little Elfy in Big Trouble is $2.99.

Visit Barb Caffrey at Barb Caffrey's Elfyverse.

#33 One Perfect Love: Sequel to One Small Victory by Maryann Miller
Writing books that celebrate strong women.

After waiting two agonizing years, can Jenny and Steve finally find “happy ever after?”

One Perfect Love is 99cents until 1-5-2017.

Visit Maryann Miller at her Website.

#34 Seeking Love (Emerging From Darkness, Book 1) by J.M. Maurer
Laughter & Love for Always

Can the man seated at Jessica's new patient's bedside get her to see that the light at the end of the tunnel is love?

Seeking Love is free.

Visit J.M. Maurer at her Website.

#35 Love in the Morning Calm (Prelude to The Pendant’s Promise) by Judythe Morgan
Love Stories that Touch Your Heart

In an uncertain time, in a temporary safe zone, yielding to temptation changes two lives forever.

Love in the Morning Calm, Prelude to The Pendant’s Promise is 99cents.

Visit Judythe Morgan at her Website.

#36 Fooling Around With Cinderella by Stacy Juba
Stacy Juba Books - Crisp...Fresh...Satisfying

Playing Cinderella at a fairy tale theme park transforms Jaine’s ordinary life into chaos that would bewilder a fairy godmother

Fooling Around With Cinderella is $2.99.

Visit Stacy Juba at her Website.

#37 Christmas at Apple Lake by Carol DeVaney
Contemporary Romance-Sassy, Humorous, Adventurous, In Love and Life-It’s the little things that matter.

She’s leery, he’s discouraged, but love can collapse barriers for a second chance at new beginnings.

Christmas at Apple Lake is 99cents.

Visit Carol DeVaney at her Website.

#38 Picture Imperfect by Cindy Procter-King
Fun, Fresh, Flirty Fiction

Photographer Ursula Scott discovers her sexy apprentice is an ex-cop investigating threats at his uncle's studio...but is she a target or a suspect?

Picture Imperfect is $4.99.

Visit Cindy Procter-King at her Website

Takeaway Truth

I hope you found lots of last minute gifts in this selection. (I hope you got some for you too!) Come back on the day after Christmas, December 26, and help us CELEBRATE BOXING DAY, a tradition in many countries. I promise to have a lovely selection of Box Sets for your shopping pleasure. Lots of books. Low prices. What more could you ask for on the big shopping day after Christmas?


  1. Thank you so much Joan for listing these wonderful last minute gifts!

    Good luck and God's blessings for a Blessed Holiday season!

  2. Thanks so much for including Fooling Around With Cinderella. What a wonderful list. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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    1. You're welcome, Catherine! Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas, y'all!

  4. Joan! this is awesome and I'm trying one of your cake recipes for Christmas. Your simple gingerbread sounds fabulous and I'm in! :)

    1. Hey, Bonnie. Hope you like the gingerbread. My hubby likes it warm with a spread of butter. It's great with orange zest and a little OJ and sugar mixed with cream cheese as a spread too.

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