Holiday Ornaments for Writers

Snowflake Style
Happy Holidays!

If you are a writer or you have a writing friend, here's a little something just made to tickle the author's fancy.

Designed Especially for Authors

These Ceramic Ornaments are popular every year with people looking for something special that proclaims the power of the written word.

They come in round, oval, snowflake, and curlicue shapes.

Some come with a little red satin ribbon for hanging on a tree or on a hook. Each Ceramic Ornament is decorated with holiday lights and with the words that follow:

Without Words

No holiday songs, stories or verse on pretty cards.

No books, plays, poetry, or movies.

Writers are magicians pulling words from thin air, creating people, emotions, and worlds, near and flung far in space.

The world would be different, a lesser place

Without Writers.

I designed these several years ago, and they never fail to please.

Give as gifts or as stocking stuffers.

Curlicue Shape: Different Text
Where To Buy

These are my design sold only from WriteWay, my CafePress shop.

Here are the various ornaments, the prices, and a buy link that takes you straight to that item.

If you shop with direct links, the prices are lower than if you go through the CafePress Marketplace and do a search.

(CafePress tacks on an extra charge for products sold from the Marketplace so always use a direct link if possible.)

You can read the description, which gives measurements, on the product page when you click the name of the ornament.

Ornament Buy Links

Snowflake is $9.99.(Snowflake link written out:

Curlicue is $9.29. (Curlicue link:

Oval is $9.49. (Oval link:

Round, Medium is $8.99 (Round, Medium link:

Round, Large is $9.49 (Round, Medium link:

Takeaway Truth

Pick up some of these ceramic ornaments now for you and for a writing friend. Why not hang one by your computer just to remind yourself that your words have power?

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