Santa's Bargain Book Shop

Welcome to Santa's Bargain Book Shop!

If you're tired of hitting the malls and have already spent way too much money for Christmas gifts, then you'll love Santa's Bargain Book Shop.

All books here are free or only 99cents.

Books make great gifts, and the recipient doesn't need a dedicated ereader to enjoy these books.

Ebooks can be read on just about any device: cell phones, laptops, tablets, computers, and, of course, Kindles and other ereaders. Most booksellers that sell ereaders also offer apps you can download for free so you can read their ebooks on the device of your choice.

You can give an ebook as a gift, even if you don't know the email address they use with Amazon. Let me tell you how easy it is. So get a cup of hot chocolate or a lovely glass of wine and let me help you with your shopping for gifts or stocking stuffers.

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How To Give Ebooks As Gift from Amazon

To give a free ebook, copy the link and send it to your friend or just click to get it for yourself.

To purchase any of these 99cent ebooks as gifts, all you need to do is click the embedded link for the book that takes you to the book page. Click to GIVE AS A GIFT and fill in the form as shown to the left.

If you do not know your recipient's address, just follow the directions on the diagram at the left. Basically, you just click to buy (arrows on diagram show where) and a gift email will be sent to you. Then you can forward it to the recipient at any email or give it in person. They can then go to Amazon and claim their gift.

Or click to buy it for yourself--you know you want these books!! Besides, shouldn't you get a reward for all the Christmas shopping you've done on behalf of your family?

Enjoy browsing these books put on sale just for you. Call, text, or email your friends and family so they can take advantage of these bargains too. These books will be on sale for several days, but always check the book's page to make sure the price coincides with the sale price.

Happy Holidays!

#1 A Vampire’s Christmas Carol by Karen McCullough
Magic, Mystery, Romance

When Carol Prescott’s car slides into a ditch on Christmas Eve in a deserted area with no cell phone signal, the only available shelter is already occupied…by a vampire.

A Vampire’s Christmas Carol is 99cents.

Visit Karen McCullough at her Website.

#2 Josephine, Bride Brigade, Book 1by Caroline Clemmons
Writing love that lasts.

Josephine can’t let the past ruin her future.

Josephine is 99 cents.

Visit Caroline Clemmons at her Amazon Author Page

#3 Christmas Grace by Leslie Lynch
Out of Darkness, Into Hope: Novels of Suspense and Healing

No one wants to celebrate Christmas this year – until two crises bring three generations of women together and they rediscover what’s important about the season.

Christmas Grace is 99cents until January 1.

Visit Leslie Lynch at her Website.

#4 Double Duplicity by Paty Jager
Murder mystery and western romance starring cowboys and Indians.

Potter Shandra Higheagle’s Nez Perce grandmother visits her dreams, revealing clues that help Shandra prove she is innocent of murder.

Double Duplicity is Free.

Visit Paty Jager at her website.

#5 Her Snow White Christmas, Snow Globe Magic Book 1 by Cara Marsi
Treat yourself to a taste of romance.

A Christmas snow globe from a mysterious stranger swirls holiday magic for a sophisticated New York woman with a broken heart and a handsome Iraq War vet with a secret.

Her Snow White Christmas, Snow Globe Magic Book 1 is 99 cents always.

Visit Cara Marsi at her Website.

#6 Merry Christmas, Darling by Denise Devine

A desperate bachelor enlists his neighbor to pose as his wife to appease his dying mother and unexpectedly finds love under the mistletoe.

Merry Christmas, Darling is only 99 cents.

Visit Denise Devine at her Amazon Author Page.

#7 Somewhere My Lass (Somewhere in Time Series) by Beth Trissel

Will Mora and Neil be too late to save a love that began centuries before?

Somewhere My Lass is 99cents through December 15, 2016.

Visit Beth Trissel at her blog.

#8 Perdition House, Part 1, An Erotic Saga by Bonnie Edwards
Earthy, Irreverent...Lovestruck

Sometimes ghost stories are cheeky, naughty, and erotic…welcome to Perdition House: a house of sin, secrets and seduction.

Perdition House, Part 1, An Erotic Saga is Free.

Visit Bonnie Edwards at her Website.

#9 Up the Chimney by Vonnie Davis

What would you do to a man who doesn’t mind making a bit of a fool of himself to prove he loves you?

Up the Chimney is 99cents.

Visit Vonnie Davis at her Amazon Author Page.

#10 Dark Moon by Rebecca York
Master of Paranormal Romantic Suspense

A werewolf undercover on a slave ship of dark secrets.

Dark Moon is 99cents.

Visit Rebecca York at her Website.

#11 Moonrise by Ines Johnson
Erotica, Paranormal and Fairytales ~oh my!

A lonely witch pretends to be mated to an unconscious wolf shifter, but she can't fool his detective brother who wants her for himself.

Moonrise is 99cents.

Visit Ines Johnson at her Amazon Author Page.

#12 In the Garden of Temptation, The Garden Series, Book 1 by Cynthia Wicklund

Honor...Desire...Treachery. What price must Catherine and Adam pay for a forbidden love in a time when honor meant everything?

In the Garden of Temptation  is Free.

Visit Cynthia Wicklund at her Amazon Author Page.

#13 In the Garden of Seduction, The Garden Series, Book 2 by Cynthia Wicklund

Cassandra James finds the neat order of her wealthy, middle class world changed forever, and her life complicated by a handsome rogue determined to bed her rather than wed her.

In the Garden of Seduction is 99cents.

Visit Cynthia Wicklund at her Amazon Author Page.

#14 Love Me Forever by Jina Bacarr, (A Kindle Scout Winner)
Once Upon a Story...

She wore gray. He wore blue. But their love defied the boundaries of war. And time. Watch  Love Me Forever Christmas Video.

Love Me Forever is 99cents for the month of December.

Visit Jina Bacarr at her Once Upon a Story Blog.

#15 LuvU4Ever by Joan Reeves
Bringing Sexy Back...One Book at a Time

Just before Christmas, Noelle overheard David say 9 little words: "I told you to never call me at home." Will there be a happily ever after in the New Year?

LuvU4Ever is Free.

Visit Joan at her Amazon Author Page.

#16 Book Bites: Love in Times of War by Uvi Poznansky
I paint with my pen and write with my paintbrush.

You will find these romance bites not only delicious but also arousing an irresistible craving for more.

Book Bites: Love in Times of War is Free.

Visit Uvi Poznansky at her blog.

#17 Last Christmas by Joan Reeves
Bringing Sexy Back...One Book at a Time

Last Christmas, Annabelle gave Rick her heart. He stomped on it. This Christmas, Rick's going to pay!

Last Christmas is 99cents.

Visit Joan Reeves at her Amazon Author Page.

#18 The Bane Affair by Alison Kent

Meet the members of the Smithson Group – highly-trained alpha males whose best work is done undercover. Unimaginably skilled, they’re the spies you want on your side…of the bed.

The Bane Affair is free.

Visit Alison Kent at her Website.

#19 Much Ado About Miners (Hearts of Owyhee #3) by Jacquie Rogers
How the Old West really happened

A hair-trigger lady banker and a hired gunman—will he be the next groom in town?

Much Ado About Miners (Hearts of Owyhee #3) is 99cents until Dec. 10.

Visit Jacquie Rogers at her Amazon Author Page.

#20 Christmas on the Strand by Loretta Wheeler
Stories told in a Southern Accent...

Christmas on the Strand is the prequel to the Southern Breezes series set on Galveston Island and sharing the lives of a group who visited the island when they were young and returned to claim it as their permanent home.

Christmas on the Strand is 99cents.

Visit Loretta Wheeler at her Amazon Author Page.

#21 The Christmas Charm by Susan R. Hughes

A sweet holiday romance. Gemma wants an old friend to lean on. Chris wants a second chance at happiness with Gemma.

The Christmas Charm is 99cents.

Visit Susan R. Hughes at her Amazon Author Page.

Takeaway Truth

I love reading, and there are millions of other people who love it too. Give the gift of a book to someone who reads. You may just introduce someone to an author whose work they will love! That's like two gifts in one.


  1. What a delightful lineup, Joan :) Just in time for holiday reads while curled up by a fire :) Perfect! Thank you so much for including, Christmas on the Strand :)

    1. Thanks, Loretta. I know I've grabbed these bargains. According to the traffic on the site, other readers are also.

  2. Thanks, Joan. I'm filling up my Kindle now.

    1. Thanks for participating, Karen. Yes, me too. I'll have plenty to read when I finish scurrying about in holiday traffic.

  3. Thank you so much Joan for sharing BOOK BITES, what a festive post!

  4. Wonderful list of great books at super prices! I wish you all the best!

  5. Great gifts, thanks and Merry Christmas

  6. Thank you for featuring Her Snow White Christmas (Snow Globe Magic Book 1)

  7. Thanks for including me with this stellar group of authors. I got everyone's title and look forward to reading them.

    1. Glad to have you participating, Beth. I'm sure everyone appreciates your grabbing their books.