6 Places to Donate Your Print Book & Gain New Fans

Gain new fans by giving away print copies of your book.

A lot of authors give away ebooks, but not very many give print books. If you have print books, consider giving away copies to grow your fan base. Plus, it's just a nice thing to do.

Prep Your Books

In each book, place a label on the inside somewhere--like the title page or some place equally obvious. Also, place a bookmark within each book.

The label and the bookmark should contain your author name, your tagline, your website, email, and snail mail information. Don't crowd the information. Make sure there's enough white space.

Also, use some kind of tracking code so if someone contacts you by email or mail, you'll know it was a result of your donated book. This could be something as simple as asking them to include a phrase like "Paige Turner Donates Books" in their mail or email.

6 Places To Donate

1. Senior Centers. Retired people are usually readers and they read a lot.

2. Retirement or assisted living homes. Same reason. Make a fan here, and they'll tell all their friends.

3. Bed and Breakfast Inns in your area. Most B&B's keep books for their guests. Why not make yours available?

4. Got any motels near you? Know anyone who works for motel/hotel industry? Donate books. Put together a basket of books they can keep in the lobby.

5. Doctor’s offices have people waiting all the time. Donate a few copies to spread around the waiting room.

6. Rehab/physical training facilities also have a lot of people waiting throughout the day. Give them something new to read.

Takeaway Truth

Most authors are so wired in to the ebook world that they forget the majority of people still read print books. Take advantage of that fact by donating print books. It's a lovely thing to do especially at the places listed above. Let me know if you gain new readers.

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