New Year? Hidden Opportunities!

Many people are simply burned out on making resolutions for the New Year. I've heard a lot of  people say, "Why bother? I never keep resolutions anyway?"

If you're disillusioned, then look at New Year as merely an opportunity to keep what you do that works for you, and to try different things to see if they might help you live healthier and happier -- perhaps becoming more successful in your chosen career in the process.

Michael Josephson who publishes the website, WhatWillMatter, said this: "Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day."

Hey, that's doable by anyone! Just open your eyes, mind, and heart to the little things that might otherwise go unnoticed.Remember, God is in the detail.

Takeaway Truth

Happy New Year from the Written Wisdom division of SlingWords.

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