Review: Dark Horse by J. R. Rain

Dark Horse (Jim Knighthorse #1) by J. R. Rain is a solid mystery with a sleuth who is a cut above most. In fact, Jim Knighthorse reminds me a bit of my favorite sleuth Myron Bolitar from the imagination and pen of Harlan Coben.

My Take

The setting of Dark Horse is Surf City, USA, aka Huntington Beach, California, and stars Jim Knighthorse, an NFL never-was who can toss off a wise-crack as easily as he can navigate an investigation that reveals the underbelly of a local high school that isn't as enlightened as its image purports.

Jim is retained to look into the case of a black student accused of killing his white girlfriend. Not only do complications hamper his investigation, but also new evidence regarding Jim's mother's unsolved murder surfaces.

Throw in a cop best friend and girlfriend Cindy to round out Jim's support network, and you have a compelling mystery that will surprise you.

The first J. R. Rain book I read was an entry in his Samantha Moon, Vampire For Hire, series. That led me to his other books so his books are always a "thumbs up" for me.

Takeaway Truth

Want a good book to keep you company during this long, hot week? Grab a copy of Dark Horse (Jim Knighthorse #1) by J. R. Rain.

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