Just One Look Celebrates 2 Years With Reduced Price

My life has been so crazy this year that I have had no time to celebrate my milestones as an author. That changes this week!

With my house now up for sale (mission accomplished); family surgeries completed (mission accomplished); new house selected (mission accomplished); and most of our enormous mountain of clutter packed, I finally have time to focus on my writing business.

To that end, today is a belated celebration of the 2 year anniversary of the ebook publication of Just One Look which I published March 24, 2011. This romantic comedy continues to be my bestselling book of all time.

Just One Look, summed up by one reviewer as "...wonderful story; saucy heroine, confident hero; sweet love, vicious revenge, happy ending..." went on to sell World French Rights for Print and Digital to Bragelonne, my wonderful French publisher who has given such gracious support to me and my books. Many readers have told me that they want a movie version of this sexy romp. (Hey, Hollywood! Are you listening?)

Blurbing The Book

What would you do if the gynecologist subbing for your regular doctor turned out to be your old high school crush?

Successful psychologist Dr. Jennifer Monroe does what any normal, well-adjusted woman would do. She makes an excuse to send the doctor and nurse from the room, dives into her clothes, and flees!

Unfortunately, her running away makes conscientious Dr. Penrose conclude she has some kind of sexual hangup. He's determined to refer her to another doctor for her health's sake. If he can just talk to her, he'll suggest counseling for what he thinks are emotional problems.

Jennifer refuses to take his phone calls, and she plans to never see him again. After all, Dallas is a big city. What are the odds that she'd ever run into him again? Even money when Fate lends a hand.

When Jennifer and Matt meet at a charity gala, he earnestly urges her to seek professional help. Jennifer is incensed that he seems to think she's some frigid old maid. All the old high school resentment floods back, fueling her determination to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.

With Jennifer, payback is a scorcher. Kids play doctor, but these doctors play seduction games. And they're playing for keeps.

When will Matt recognize Jennifer? Will Jennifer lure him into her bed? Seduction and sex can be pretty funny when both sides play dirty!

Available Editions

Just One Look is available in an audio edition from: Audible and iTunes and in French, print and ebook, from Bragelonne.

The English language eBook edition of this comedy of errors courtship is available at:

All Romance eBooks/OmniLit
B&N Nook U.S.
B&N Nook UK 
Diesel eBooks
iTunes/Apple Bookstore
Sony eBooks
XinXii, English Platform

Celebration Discount: Get It Now!

From Friday, July 5, through July 8, Monday, this romantic comedy will be on sale for only 99 cents to celebrate this 2-year milestone. Although the book is for sale at all the outlets listed above, I can only get prompt re-pricing from:

All Romance eBooks
B&N Nook U.S.
Smashwords by using Coupon Code HF66B (not case-sensitive). You must enter the code prior to checkout.

If you buy through iTunes or any of the above retailers where I cannot easily adjust the price, please use the Smashwords Coupon Code HF66B that will give you the reduced price. This coupon code is good only for Friday, July 5, starting at 5AM CDT, through Monday, July 8, at 10AM CDT. Remember to enter the code prior to checkout.

Takeaway Truth

Enjoy this sexy romp of a story. At the end of this 99cent sale, the price of Just One Look will rise to $3.99.

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