3 Audio Book Reviews

Since I've been ferrying my office "stuff" to our weekend home, I've been listening to a lot of audio books. For your consideration, here are three.

Inside Delta Force

We started moving my office to our weekend home where I'll be hanging my hat temporarily until our townhome is available. Listened to Inside Delta Force by Eric Haney and narrated by Robertson Dean who has a great voice -- a manly man voice which is perfect for this story of Delta Force.

This is a compelling personal history from Haney who was among the first selected for Delta Force. Years ago I saw this book listed in the credits of the TV series The Unit starring Dennis Haysbert. I bought the book and read it in print, passed it on to hubby and our kids. When I saw the audio book, I knew we would all enjoy it -- and we did.

Highly recommended. Don't miss it.

The Templar Legacy

This thriller by Steve Berry features his recurring character Cotton Malone. I've had this audio book in the queue for some time and had looked forward to hearing it. This one is all about the Knights Templar and their treasure believed to have been hidden when they were all arrested and scourged in the 14th century. Caught between the Pope and a French king lusting after their wealth, the Knights Templar were more or less exterminated.

So, hidden treasure, puzzle within puzzle, assassins, exotic women, and Knights Templar. This book had all the elements a thriller should have, but I found myself many times unable to suspend disbelief. My darling hubby rolled his eyes and muttered in disgust at several parts. He's not as patient with plot devices that involve guns and other manly things. He knows instantly whether some bit of daring-do is possible or is a crock.

The narrator is Paul Michael who does a lot of this type of books so he has a good feel for the material. Definitely worth listening to for the escapism value, but I'd have to give this 3.75 out of 5 stars -- good escapism but has some flaws. Of course, those flaws may not bother you at all.

Deal Breaker

I love this book because it's Book 1 of the Myron Bolitar series by Harlen Coben. Narrated by the fabulous Jonathan Marosz -- my whole family are Marosz groupies -- Deal Breaker is a tour de force. In case you haven't met Myron and his lethal friend Win, you're in for a treat. Great characters who are fully formed and the kind of guys you'd want protecting you when the you-know-what hits the fan.

Marosz is amazing. He's like Barbara Rosenblatt in that he breathes life into the characters until you hear their voices in your head.I wish he had done all of the Myron Bolitar books.

Highly recommended. I own these books in print, in CD, and now in digital for my iPod. Rating: how about 10 out of 5 stars!

Takeaway Truth

I love audio books. They make the miles disappear when you're traveling.

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