Friends Write Books: Part 2

Moving craziness continues, but I'm catching up today on more new books by writing friends. For your consideration, here are some more new books by some really good authors.

The Reluctant Rancher~Badlands by J. D. Faver is a Contemporary Western Romantic Suspense.

E.J. Kincaid has one thing on his mind. He wants to get the hell out of Dodge, or in this case, Langston, Texas. When his father is sent to prison, E.J. feels obligated to hang onto the land and cattle empire his father built in the Texas Panhandle.

Of course, there's also local veterinarian, Jenna Lewis, who is another reason for staying put. Trouble is she thinks he’s a complete jackass.Cowboys, murder and romance. Enough said!

Texas Heroines in Peril by Cheryl Bolen (Boxed Set, 4 books) contains 4 complete romantic suspense books. Romantic Times magazine called it "non-stop action adventure - 4 stars."

The boxed set consists of Capitol Offense, Protecting Britannia, Murder at Veranda House, and A Cry in the Night.

A WELL-STACKED TRIO: Three Sexy Romantic Comedies by Elaine Raco Chase was published in 2012, but it now has a great new cover.

What's better than one sexy romantic comedy for your Kindle? Why three of course! Three hot women plus three hot men equal sexy romantic comedy! Designing Woman, Lady Be Bad, and Video Vixen all in one download.

The Deadliest Denial by Colleen Thompson is a sexy suspense novel from a master of the genre.

When one woman's detective husband is accused of abusing and plotting to kill her, she must come to terms with the truth, the lies, and the passion that is the basis of their marriage.

The Hollow House by Janis Patterson has a great blurb that makes you want to click BUY!

Denver, 1919 ~ I decided to use the name Geraldine Brunton. It's not the name I was born with, nor the name I married, but it will hide who I really am...and what I have done.

I've taken a job as companion to wealthy invalid Emmaline Stubbs, whose fragile exterior hides a will of iron. Despite its opulence, the Stubbs household is not a happy one. Emmaline's equally stubborn daughter and charismatic, untrustworthy son-in-law want control of her fortune, forcing the entire staff to take sides in their power struggle. I must tread carefully in this tension-filled household if I want to keep my job and my secrets.

Events take a deadly turn when Mrs. Stubbs is nearly killed and a maid is found murdered. Though I ought to keep a low profile, it soon becomes clear I must uncover the truth. Because if I don't, my past will make me the prime suspect...

Sweeter Than W(h)ine by Nancy Goldberg Levine is the third book from newcomer Nancy Goldberg Levine who is staking out sweet romance as her genre.

Dr. Rafe Farber is stuck with grief counselor Dina Edelman, his least favorite patient who has an attitude as depressing as her occupation, but he also is attracted to her. Dina just wants out of the skilled nursing facility where she's been since knee surgery. She’s intrigued by the handsome doctor who returns her interest, but she's also attracted to her handsome new neighbor, Holden Bixler, a police officer who makes great pizza and who is about ten years younger than she. Doctor or cop? What a quandary!

Takeaway Truth

So many books; so little time. *sigh* Note to self: "Read faster."

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