She Worked Hard For Her Money

My daughter Adina called me yesterday during her lunch hour. She'd just learned Donna Summer had died. You see, Donna Summer holds a special place in our joint memory.

When my daughter was 3-years-old, she heard the song She Works Hard For Her Money. I can remember she stood still as she listened. Then, when the song ended, she started singing, "She works hard for her money." Just that one line. And she laughed and sang it again.

That was the beginning of the Summer of Donna Summer. She must have sung that one line from the song a million times. Over and over.

One might think that the endless repetition might induce insanity, but that wasn't the case. She smiled and played and occasionally sang that line. It was adorable. She was adorable.

Ever after, I could never think of Donna Summer without thinking of that song. If I heard the song, I flashed back to the summer my now-grown daughter took such delight in the simple pop song with the dance beat. Naturally, I requested it from the DJ for the playlist during her wedding reception in March.

Takeaway Truth

Donna Summer brought joy to my toddler daughter all those years ago. Now her passing brings tears.


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